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Perfect for businesses who need help finding immediate hires or those looking to hire over a short period of time

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25,000 ETB

Perfect for businesses who need help expanding their talent pool without making a long-term commitment

60 Job Posts

2 recruiters


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1 Year

40,000 ETB

Ideal for businesses who are looking for quality hires over a longer period to create a successful team

100 Job Posts

5 recruiters


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Ideal for enterprise customers with unique, scalable or high volume recruitment needs

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Dagi spa

We have been using freelance for over 2 years now. We have hired many employees through freelance.

Suntech holdings

We like how easy it is to use. We have hired over 18 employees through freelance. A lot of them are fresh graduates.

BeU delivery

Since we started our company we have been using freelance ethiopia. We have found over 60% of our employees from freelance ethiopia.

Zowi Tech

We have been using freelance for over 3 years. We have found 11 people using freelance. We like how easy it is to use.

Kabba Holding company

We have been using freelance ethiopia for over 2 years. We like how easy and convenient it is to use. It is also feasible to everyone.

Angla Burger

We have been using it for about 1 year now. We like it because we can find professionals fast.

Hear form our happy


Eden Tesfaye

Architecture Student

I was hired as a tutor when I was just a university student. I found the job at the right time and at the right moment.

Elbetel Fiseha

Computer science Student

I got my first internship as a content writer from freelance. That opened the pathway that led to me having over 3 part time jobs from freelance.

Heran Getaneh

Economics student

I got an internship at iCog as a business developer through freelance. Thank you freelance!

Dr. Jalene Gedefa


I get freelance gigs using this platform. I prefer freelance over other job posting sites. Because a lot of jobs get posted regularly and you can apply easily.

Ilham Wasu

Dispatcher agent

I like how convenient it is to apply for a job through freelance in Ethiopia . You can contact the employer directly


You can find a job from the comfort of your home. I have found the job i am currently working on through freelance ethiopia.